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step into the Amazing future God has for you 

Transform your mind to align you thoughts with His  

These 50+ POWERFUL TRUTHS from Katie and Jess will keep you focused on what is most important so you can step into who you were created to be by getting His encouragement and words deep in your heart. 

You Were Created for Greatness...

But you cannot let those untrue thought run free though...

That is what is so powerful about these simple short truths you can easily pull them out of your own champion jar when those untrue lies start creeping in and it shifts your perspective.

These are Katie and Jess's go to encouraging phrases to keep a healthy perspective and knock those untrue thoughts out of their head to keep pressing forward into the calling God placed on their lives.

When you intentionally shift your perspective by reading God's Truth you are transforming your mind to be aligned with God's thoughts, allowing His thoughts to change how you see whatever you are facing.

It is in this alignment that invites God to move powerfully in your life to make you the champion He envisioned when He was creating you.

From this FREE, POWERFUL resource you will get: 

  • Powerful encouragement to shift your perspective to go where Gdo wants to take you
  • 50+ Hope-filled short Christian sayings and Bible verses to reshape your thoughts to get and stay in action 
  • Shift in perspective to see what you are facing from God's perspective

See for Yourself How These Truths Change Your Life