Katie and Jessica



Katie has been a huge dreamer for as long as she can remember, and always fearlessly pursued her goals.  

Katie started playing both beach and indoor volleyball when she was a child. She has always loved the sport, and in high school she had dreams of playing professionally. Originally, she had signed to play for Weber University in Florida. When the coach left, and her scholarship somehow was voided, she turned to Stetson University. However, Katie only got to play for half a semester before an NCAA error rendered her “ineligible” for Division 1 sports — an error that wouldn’t be found out until an entire semester later. So, after what felt like defeat after defeat, and a lot of setbacks, Katie took a few years off and almost gave up her dream entirely.

In her time away from the sport, Katie got married and moved from her home town in Colorado to Hawaii, where she was running her own company coaching others into living their God-given destiny through spirit, soul, and body health. She also started a PhD program to become a Natural Medicine Doctor. Shortly after moving there, she began a second company for organic interior design, working on multimillion dollar renovations. She also published a book about how to design a non-toxic home. She had always been obsessed with fitness and holistic health, but it was here, living on the beach, where she really fell in love with beach volleyball again.

After attending Next Level Experience, where Michael McIntyre and the whole team called her into another level of greatness and accountability, Katie’s dream was fully reignited. She and her husband felt led to move their interior design company to Texas, where she found herself surrounded by people who believed in her—and her impossible dreams! It was here she really took the leap and started regular training, as well as competed in semi-pro tournaments.  

Throughout the years of building different businesses, coaching others, and growing in her faith, Katie has had a single, burning desire: fulfill the God-call on her life. As she connected others to their dreams, she felt her own was still burning deep inside her. Finally, she decided she had to go all in to pursue where she felt God was leading her. So, she gave up all her business ventures to pursue professional beach volleyball, full time!


Jessica didn't start out thinking she was going to pursue being a professional athlete, when she was little she only responded to unicorn 🦄 and was pretty content as a unicorn..

As she got older, she considered lots of careers over the years: firefighter, physical therapist, researcher, doctor, personal trainer...

But a couple month after she was saved when she was 19, a sophomore in college recovering from a recent ACL surgery she had this dream of playing beach volleyball in the Olympics. She may have sustained a season ending injury, but Jessica never stopped dreaming. She began to tell her Mom for this next two and a half years that after she would graduate she was going to move to Southern California to play beach volleyball.

A couple months after graduated college and finished playing indoor volleybal at Ithaca College she moved to Los Angeles and began to pick up beach. She fell in love with the sport and loved training, but every summer she was unable to play during the summers because of strange health issues and injuries.

After 6 years, she ended up moving back to New York and put away her dream of going to the Olympics.

While in New York, she ended up feeling lead to start her own business, Gracious Health, to help Christian women lose weight and keep it off with a God-centered approach. As she was on this journey she had gotten a fresh prophetic word that she was an olympian and felt lead to give the dream of being a professional beach volleyball player again by partnering with God.  

She felt God guiding her towards this dream once again and changing how she sees herself to be aligned with His view of her. After this fresh word, Jessica went abroad to train in Brazil for beach volleyball and grown even closer to God to believe His Word and His vision is that truth that she is holding onto in this journey.

She is partnering with God and heading on this adventure with God to go after her God-given dream of going to the Olympics.

Playing Schedule and Where to Watch

August 31st- Septmeber 3rd

FIVB Corigliano Rossano, Italy- Futures
Check out the schedule HERE
Playing August 31st @ 12:50PM (Local Time) (6:50amET/5:50amCT)
There is no live stream for this event until the qualifier 


August 31st- Septmeber 3rd
FIVB Corigliano Rossano, Italy- Futures

We had a bye the first round in the qualifier but, lost the game so we did not qualifier for the main draw.

We played well overall and were present and focused, just had some bad runs with siding out. Still more to learn and grow. 

August 23rd-27th
FIVB AL-Alamein, Egypt - Futures

In our first tournament together we qualified for the main draw, which is very exciting!!
Unfortunately we dropped the next two sets. We learned a lot including that we need to bring a warm up ball to tournaments and to ask others where we can sit inside, especially in the heat. We both know we could have done better, but we have more to grow and develop.

We are very grateful for how God has been with us through this all and are excited to improve moving forward. 

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This big God-given vision cannot be accomplished alone and we would love your support. As this dream is big we would appreciate your support. In reality in order to train, and travel to play beach volleyball there are expenses.

Right now our biggest need is to get to Egypt to play internationally together to start the journey, and we need you financial support: 

Send a one-time gift to (@Katie-oldja) to help us get to Egypt to play volleyball representing the Kingdom 

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Everything is appreciated. We thank you for your support and we are excited for you to be apart of our journey!  

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